There has been a lot of misconception from most business owners; they believe that only big businesses or large companies require websites to boost their business and invest in website design services. However, various researches and statistics have proven this to be a wrong misconception.

There are over 7 billion people in the world of which 47% are active internet users seeking and sharing information and also transacting (buying and selling) online daily.  Not having a website would make it impossible for you to showcase your brand to a larger percentage of these active internet users. It undermines the ability of your business to generate income and leave its growth stunted.

Having a social media page for your business doesn’t cover for the need of a website, most clients are more satisfied transacting with businesses that have a website than those without one. Your website is your first point of contact with your potential customer; the website design tells more about your brand and also helps them know that your business is truly in existence.

Why website design is important?

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider creating a great website design for your business:

  • Enhance Business Integrity – Owning a website helps improve the integrity and credibility of your business.  It gives your brand uniqueness and identity. Your website serves as a medium for your potential customers to know about your business. Optimize the use of your About Us page to tell your business story, and provide medium your customers can reach you via the Contact Us page.  Most clients prefer to patronize a business with websites because it makes it look more legitimate. 
  • Grow Your Business – A great website design can help you grow and promote your small business by increasing awareness. Having an impeccably designed website makes the use of various digital marketing strategies possible. These strategies bring massive growth to your business when employed.

    Most of the digital marketing strategies including Social media marketing, PPC ads, email marketing, SEO, SEM all lead back to generating traffic for your website which would, in turn, help you increase awareness, get more potential customers and increase sales. This reason makes having a good website for your business vital.
  • Optimize allocation of resources – Owning a well-developed website helps you allocate your resources judiciously to generate effective results. It saves you from wasting time, money and other resources in running the conventional form of advertisement campaign like printing and pasting of fliers, newspaper publications, etc. Having a website for your business helps you explore the advantages of the digital world and take advantage of the presence of billions of potential customers active online.
  • Competitive Advantage – Creating a website for your small business also affords you a great competitive advantage over other brands in the same niche as you. You have a platform to reach out to more people at once, and people would also find your business more reputable than others. With a website, your business is being run 24/7, unlike others that have an opening and closing time. This implies that you can rest while you still earn and make sales.
  • Improved Customer service – Your website also helps you serve your customers better, adding numerous support features like live chat, emails, and other feedback mechanisms that can help your customers reach you easily for any compliant, advise and compliments. This gesture would be hard to come by without a website.

Where to find a good website designer?

Owning a website is important, but owning the right type of website is more vital. Your website must be mobile responsive, easy to navigate, impeccably designed and SEO optimized with the high conversion rate. This reason is why you should employ the service of a reputable website designer.

However, in a city like Brampton, website designing experts are not numerous. CommandShift Marketing is one of the most reputable companies topping the chart when it comes to creating a professional website design for your business. They understand the necessity of every small business owner and build a website that perfectly aligns with their needs and requirements to boost their business.  

With this, the small business owners need to realize how many opportunities they’re missing and the resources they’re wasting by opting not to own a website. If you fall into this category, don’t hesitate to contact CommandShift Marketing for a professional business website at a much affordable price.

Here is an example of a professional website:


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